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How it works

1. Connect JIRA

With just one click integration with JIRA, the data gets automagically fetched into the platform.

2. Prioritize seamlessly

The Prioritize module is designed with business in mind. A simple view to see your product roadmap and assign priorities.

3. Resource Planning

Resource planning view enables you to move around tasks without overloading or underutilizing your developers.

Top features


Look at priorities of tasks and have meaningful discussions with stakeholders


Understand how big the task is in order to set priorities with proper context


Add comments that stay within the platform to remember the discussions in the future


Get visibility on when certain tasks will be delivered to customers and what is their status.


Understand the capacity of each individual developer to assign tasks in a well-balanced way


Get meaningful insights from your product development team automatically to make better business decisions

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Will Optimyse work for me?

If your team uses JIRA, you need Optimyse.

No CEO wants to go into JIRA to understand what is happening in their Product Development. They want answers. Simple ones.

Optimyse provides those answers in the blink of an eye. With 2-way integration with JIRA, you can see a prioritized roadmap and ask meaningful questions to your CTO, and for the first time, he will have answers for you that won't piss you off.

If you don't have updates about features, you need Optimyse. 

Optimyse digs within the depths of your product team and brings out meaningful insights that help you navigate your product and business.

You no longer have to repeatedly ask for updates that result in time-wasting jargons, without even getting the answers to your basic questions of "when?" and "how much?".

If you don't know your team's performance, you need Optimyse.

If you are tired of getting vague answers about an individual developer's performance, and your overall team's efficiency, you are going to love People module of Optimyse.

With subjective and objective measures of performance in mind, it provides a holistic picture to the stakeholders about performance and growth trajectory of individuals and teams.

Want to know more?

30 minutes on this call will save you a lifetime of hassle.

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